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Junius Henry Garrison

Bio for Henry Garrison 

In the late ‘60’s, Henry played rhythm guitar and sang backup for four years in The Salt and Pepper Band, a local Greenville, SC. Band.  Having had a lifelong love for poetry, his work was published yearly while attending then graduating with honors in English at Presbyterian College in South Carolina.

After college, he enjoyed a successful Commercial and Residential Real Estate career, having as many as 50 agents and 10 employees.  While musical ventures were off the table during these years, his passion for music continued to grow as did his study of the history of Rock and Roll and Christian music. 

His early influences were the Beatles, Simon and Garfunkel, Eric Clapton, The Rolling Stones,The Doors and many others..  The recent influences include Keith Urban, Brad Paisley,
Chris Tomlin, Casting Crowns, Lauren Daigle, Phil Whikum and numerous others contemporary acts influence his Christian writing today.

However, in 2005, everything changed – a life threatening brain trauma required a 3 year recovery to relearn writing and speaking skills.  During this time, music and original melodies flooded his mind.  Local musicians helped Henry turn some of the melodies into songs and he began writing full time.  He also learned bass guitar, keyboards and developed a good working knowledge of engineering his own product at home.

In 2009, everything changed again -- He travelled to Nashville to participate in a seminar sponsored by the Nashville Association of Song Writers International.  There he found that his lack of professional writing skills and education had yielded a large catalog of songs that needed lots of work.  After 10 years, he has been to Nashville 40+times and never missed a major educational event sponsored by NSAI.  It was also here that he gained available feedback through critiques with NSAI staff, a dozen #1 song writers and a great song coach. He also joined up with several pro writers there and co-wrote a dozen sons.

After surviving two bouts with cancer and a brain trauma, his inclination towards Contemporary Christian music is a natural and his love of telling stories found its outlet in the modern country genre. 

Regrets about starting a new career at age 56?  None at all.  He says “there is a season for everything and this is mine for music”.  He jokes about being so happy in his new “2nd childhood”.

His focus group says they would buy his music; say its better than lots of current radio songs and a #1 song writer said during a recent critique of a country song that he wishes he had written it.  That was a good day. He has written songs for Reverb Nation that were selected as crowd picks 8 times. While he often writes alone, he has recently begun a partnership, Garrison-Barton Music,LLC to write strictly Contemporary Christian music with a slight leaning toward Gospel. An album, The Shadow of the Cross, is already a results of theses efforts. He also writes with various other Christian song writers from Nashville and his home town of Greenvilles SC.